jBPM Engine
The Aston Martin Vanquish and jBPM: Both have powerfull engines!

The jBPM runtime engine runs in any Java environment.  From a spring based web application for a grocery store on Tomcat over a top scale banking application to a plain standalone Java application.  The jBPM engine can be used as a remote service or as a component inside your application.  Inside your application, it binds to your transactions so that you can easily combine your domain model updates with process execution in a single transaction.

  • Runs inside *any* Java environment
  • Simple API
  • Human tasks
  • Integrated with rules engine
  • Transactional execution, timers and asynchronous continuations
  • High performance, super size scalability and rock solid

When automating your business processes with jBPM, all history is can be automatically recorded.  From this history information, reports can be generated that reveal interesting business information.  Since the activities in the processes are on the level of the non technical business people, all the reports distilled will also contain relevant business information.