Real/time Chat (IRC)

Please feel free to join us in our IRC, Internet Relay Chat, channel at #jbpm. We're almost always around, and this is where most of the real-time discussion about the project takes place.

IRC Client Recommendation

Can't always join the discussion? One trick is to put an IRC client on an old machine in your basement and log the channel. Then you can read the logs whenever you do have time. Freenode also provides a web-based IRC service: Simply follow that link, input your desired nickname, and specify #jbpm. Then click login to join the fun.


General Guidelines:

  • Don't ask if you can ask, just ask your question.
  • Don't paste code to the channel, unless its a single line, use a nopaste service such as rafb
  • Don't private message people, always ask your questions in the public channel.
  • If you use the online irc web gateway make sure you change your nick from the "dork" default, as requested in the login page.
  • If you need assistance with other JBoss products I suggest you tree #jboss and #jbosstools