Developer (committer) mailing list

Do not write to the dev list if you have a question about jBPM: use the user forum instead.

Only write to the dev list if you're working on the jBPM source code itself and want to discuss source code changes and design. 

Note that you have to subscribe to the mailing list first before being able to post.

Note: The audience on the developer list is much smaller than the user mailing list. All jBPM developers also watch the user forum.

Mailing list and forum guidelines

In general, the jBPM core developers will only support the latest release in the free mailing lists.

The user forum is for general user queries about jBPM and how to use and it problems with using it. The dev mailing list is for more hard core discussions about about developing jBPM itself and general BPM theory that might apply to future jBPM features.

When asking questions, especially about bugs, you should always state which version of jBPM you are using.


Anti-patterns to be ignored or attract abuse from others:

  1. Start the email with "URGENT"
  2. Tell everyone how desparate you and how you need an immediate response for your really important project.
  3. Don't wait a minimum of 3 days and resend your email within minutes of hours.
  4. Send emails directly to mailing list members, especially the developers.
  5. Paste pages of code and then say "it doesn't work, please help".
  6. Paste a long stack trace and say "it doesn't work, please help".
  7. Start your email with "please sirs" or include "do the needful".
  8. Ask dumb questions that are in the manual.
  9. Ask basic java questions.
  10. Ask questions about other BPM projects
  11. Reply to an existing thread but starting a new topic
  12. Start your email with "I'm a member of the jbpm mailinglist, so please answer me"
  13. General begging and pleading
  14. Say some thing to the effect of "Please tell me how I can call a function on the LHS. (hurry my assignment is due today!)"
  15. Talk about a potential bug and not mention the version of jbpm you are using
  16. Email user questions to the dev mailing list.
  17. Email both dev and user forum in the hope of a quicker response.