jBPM Roadmap

jBPM uses a 3 to 6 month release cycle.

Progress on new features / bug fixes can be tracked using the JIRA roadmap.

jBPM 6.0

Targeted release date: June 10th, 2013

Description: jBPM 6.0 will includes a lot of enhancements in our web tooling and execution server.

Most important new features:

  • Execution server that exposes more of the available functionality as a service with support for clustering and high availability
  • Redesigner of the jBPM Console to offer a much richer and powerful web-based monitoring console.
  • New Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) application that shows web-based reports and charts and allows users to define their own custom reports.
  • All web-tools will be integrated in one unified user experience
  • Improved (and unified) modeling experience in web-based Designer and Eclipse-based Modeler


jBPM 6.x

The following features are scheduled to be included as well (and we might be working on some of them already):

  • Simulation replay: The ability to replay a simulation scenario and allow scenarios to be created from the information in the history log and to replay the execution of a process instance (and possibly even simulation how a different decision might have influenced the process instance differently).
  • Cloud: Being able to deploy all the web-based tools (Designer, jbpm-console and guvnor repository) on OpenShift so you can start your own BPM project in the cloud.  This will include a sample project that includes all these tools (and that can be used as a starting point for deploying your own installation), and a set of examples / tutorials how to get started yourself.
  • BPM connectors / adaptors: Extend how the engine integrates with external services by adding a lot more integrations out-of-the-box to our service repository.
  • Extend BPMN 2.0 support: We will continue to extend our support for BPMN 2.0 constructs by adding implementations for constructs that might still be missing.  We are currently focusing on the "Common Executable" subclass (as defined in the specification) with a few extension, as the short term target set.
  • Data Modeler: the ability to model your data in a web-based, business-user-friendly application, so it can be used in your processes later.
  • Form builder: a web-based form builder for creating task and process forms that will be shown to the user to show and/or request data.
  • "No code" tooling: the ability for business users to create, deploy, execute and monitor their processes without having to write any code.
  • Dynamic processes: the ability to dynamically change running process instances, add tasks on the fly, etc.

Longer-term features also include:

  • jBPM and mobile: UIs targeted to mobile users to participate in processes (task lists, etc.), monitor running processes, etc.
  • Case management: The ability to track and execute business logic without up-front process modeling, the case is built and managed on the fly
  • Process instance migration tool: a tool to migrate running process instances to a newer process definition, including diff management and graphical support
  • Process analysis and process mining: analyzing processes to detect issues or optimizations, or discover / improve processes based on history information, etc.
  • Goal-driven BPM: instead of modeling processes as a sequence of steps, focus more on goals and preconditions, where the resulting process can almost be generated based on these.

Are there features you believe are missing, would you like to see some of these features prioritized, or do you have any other feedback, let us know at jbpm-dev@lists.jboss.org !

Older versions

jBPM 5.4

Release date: May 21st, 2012

Description: jBPM 5.4 includes a simulation in the web-based Designer and a lot of enhancements and bug fixes.

Most important new features:

  • simulation of your processes in Designer, based on simulation parameters of various nodes (duration, probabilities, etc.)
  • Spring integration
  • support for JPA2
  • a lot of smaller improvements

jBPM 5.3

Release date: May 21st, 2012

Description: jBPM 5.3 includes a new Eclipse editor, the new form designer and extended support for BPMN2 constructs in both the Eclipse editor and web-based modeler.

Most important new features:

  • new Eclipse editor, supporting the full BPMN2 specification
  • a graphical form builder to create / generate task forms in a graphical manner
  • extend support for BPMN2 constructs in Designer, like more boundary events, graphical swimlanes, new node types, etc.
  • support for automatically generating junit tests and task forms based on a process definition
  • human task escalations and notifications


jBPM 5.2

Release date: December 12th, 2011

Description: jBPM 5.2 adds a service repository, support for JBoss AS7 and significant extensions to the web-based designer and the human task service

Most important new features:

  • A domain-specific service repository adds the ability to import domain-specific services from a repository so you can immediately use them in your processes, e.g. twitter integration, FTP, web or REST service, etc. This is ideal for non-technical users to integrate with external services.
  • Run jBPM on JBoss AS7, the new default application server for the jbpm-installer
  • Improve support for BPMN2 in web-based designer, add support for the service repository, validation, etc.
  • Introduction of the human task service interface, a local implementation, the user-group callback, etc.


jBPM 5.1

Release date: June 23rd, 2011

Description: jBPM 5.1 extends the core engine with a few important features in areas like web service orchestration, business activity monitoring (BAM) and domain-specific processes.

Most important new features:

  • extend web-based designer to support more BPMN2 node types
  • jbpm-examples module that contains a lot of simple and more complex examples
  • junit testing your processes
  • updated and extended documentation
  • support for multi-threading

jBPM 5.0

Release date: February 7th, 2011

Description: jBPM 5.0 is the first release of a new mayor version of jBPM, continuing its vision of a light-weight, embeddable process engine targeting both developers and business users through the entire life cycle of your business processes.

Most important new features:

  • native BPMN 2.0 execution
  • pluggable persistence / transactions using JPA / JTA
  • independent human task service based on WS-HT
  • domain-specific processes
  • process repository
  • support for dynamic, ad-hoc or adaptive processes
  • powerful rule and event processing integration

A more detailed roadmap can be found here.



Got any comments, recommendations, new features you would like to see included, or any other type of feedback?  Email the developers team at jbpm-dev@lists.jboss.org